🔚Post VS Order Submit

Uploading & Submitting Order

Mind that your "request body" must be in RAW-JSON format.

Endpoint for submitting your order

POST https://api.aihomedesign.com/api/v1/ai/furnovate/submit

This API endpoint allows users to submit new orders for products in the system.





your API-Key

Request Body:

service-ai-virtual-staging receives style as mandatory widget. To attach widget to request body, you must put id of widget in as id in selected_widgets and id of selected widget item in item_id.

    "space_name": string,
    "selected_widgets" : 
            "id" : string,
            "item_id" : string

Sample Response:

   "order_id": string,
   "image_id": string,
   "eta": integer

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